About Our Dental Office Mercerville

Time-Trusted Dental Care from a Passionate Team

Mercerville dentist and assistant treating a dental patient

When patients think of a dentist in Mercerville they trust, many think of Dr. Brian Lavery and his amazing team who have been caring for families in the area for over 30 years. With strong roots in the community, no other dental practice can match our drive to offer care that’s rooted in warmth, kindness, and being 100% genuine and honest with our patients. We invite you to read more about what makes families choose us for all of their dental needs.

Serving Hamilton for 30+ Years

Dental team member examining a patient

In 1986, Dr. Lavery opened the practice, moving to a new, upgraded facility in 1997. Throughout these several decades, he has had the opportunity to watch families grow and expand, now caring for families of the children that he treated earlier in his career. Our team has also been with us for several decades, so at our practice, patients know each friendly face that they’ll encounter, whether they’re having their teeth cleaned or finding out their insurance benefits.  

1-On-1 With Dentist

Smiling man shaking hands with his dentist

Dr. Lavery understands that in a world full of profit-driven corporate dental offices, genuineness, transparency, and honesty are some of the most important qualities in a good healthcare provider. That’s why he always carves out ample one-on-one time with his patients, so they have a chance to ask questions, get to know each other, and build trust. Our team makes sure that we’re being fair at every appointment and treatment, and with us, you can trust that you won’t be unnecessarily oversold on services that you don’t need or didn’t ask for.

Long-Serving Team

Dental team member smiling at a patient at front desk

Many of our team members have worked alongside Dr. Lavery for well over a decade. Some have been with us for over two decades! Throughout their careers, they strive to help make patients’ lives easier, whether that’s by running insurance before appointments or sitting down with patients to help them better understand what a treatment would entail. With us, you can receive consistent, reliable dentistry that always exceeds your expectations.

Avoid Referrals

Smiling young woman leaning back in dental chair

With several decades of experience and a commitment to staying up to date with the latest advancements in his field, Dr. Lavery is able to offer a comprehensive menu of dental services. Whether you’re looking for dental implants, which Dr. Lavery places, need a tooth extraction, or have a severe toothache that can only be treated with a root canal, we do it all in-house!